Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides confidential, professional counseling to 精品厕拍 University students at no direct charge to the student. Our staff recognizes the challenges that university students face as they transition from home to the campus and are experienced in assisting students with a number of concerns including adjustment to college, peer or family relationships, depression, anxiety/stress, alcohol or other substances, eating disorders, anger management, grief, loss, or trauma.

To make an appointment, students can call the Counseling Center. Students experiencing urgent or crisis concerns can walk in at the Center during an open hour advertised each semester. Students requiring crisis services after hours or on weekends can access crisis counseling by contacting Police and Safety at 814-824-3911.

Our Mission

精品厕拍 Counseling Center promotes the balance of mind, body and spirit necessary for the achievement of full student potential. Mindful that young adulthood is a time of profound development and change, the Counseling Center strives to respond compassionately and professionally to the psychological, relational, emotional, and spiritual issues of students. The counseling process helps students engage in compassionate self-reflection acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to transform personal difficulties into healthier ways of relating to self and others.

We respect the dignity and worth of all students as maturing individuals with unique perspectives and contributions, and value the diverse backgrounds, abilities, and orientations of each member of our student body. The Center upholds the confidentiality of the individual student in a manner respectful of privacy and consistent with professional ethics and community laws. We collaborate with faculty, administration, students and others on initiatives and events that work toward our collective goal of maintaining a safe and healthy campus. The Center supports the development of emotional resilience, healthy lifestyles, and respect for self and others as we seek to empower students to flourish in the 精品厕拍 community and in the world.

Pet Companion

MU brings in Pet Companion(s) periodically through partnerships with local organizations and individuals. These companions can appear at various on campus locations, including but not limited to:

  • Counseling Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Waiting Room
  • Exam Room / Doctor's Visits
  • Special Events

Health Insurance Information

All 精品厕拍 University students are strongly advised to have health insurance coverage. If you do not have insurance, and you would like to obtain it through 精品厕拍, visit this page. ?This site will provide you with detailed information on the insurance plan, as well as a link for enrollment.

Our Staff

Our staff includes psychologists, licensed social workers, and counselors who approach the students and their concerns with respect, compassion, and encouragement. The center works collaboratively with health center physicians, consulting psychiatrist, etc to provide medication evaluation in select situations

The Counseling Center adheres to the confidentiality standards defined by Pennsylvania state law. Counseling information is not kept in the student's educational record. Confidentiality allows students to be open and honest in explaining their concerns.